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Famous Celebrities Who Were Once Lorry Drivers

Have you ever been curious about what celebrities may have been doing before they were famous? Perhaps you’ve been curious about what Aragorn did before he led the armies of men against the armies of Mordor? Perhaps you’ve been wondering what James Bond drove before he drove top secret tech devices?

If not, you’re not alone. Plenty of people only care about celebrities in so far as those celebrities are doing their job of being entertaining.

That said, we’re an HGV based website, so you probably have an idea of what we’re getting at with that set up. So without any further build up, here’s a list of famous celebrities who used to be lorry drivers!

Charles Bronson

Charles Bronson is an extraordinary actor who’s done some amazing things on film. From digging tunnels in The Great Escape to bringing vigilante style justice to those who did wrong in the Death Wish movie series, it’s always a delight to see him be a tough guy on screen.


However, before he did any of that he was a lorry driver! He drove a truck for the army during World War II, and won a purple heart due to injuries he received in the line of duty.

Sean Connery

He may have driven amazing sports cars and helicopter-like vehicles on screen, but before that Sean Connery drove big lorries. He started after his time in the Royal Navy during the 1950s, believing it was appropriate to follow his father’s lead and join in the family profession.


Viggo Mortenson

This man is best known for hauling Hobbits around Middle Earth, but before he did that he was hauling cargo as a lorry driver. When he graduated back in the 1980s, he promptly got himself a job driving from his native country of Denmark.


Liam Neeson

This actor is best known for having a “particular set of skills”. A set of skills that makes him a nightmare to certain people. Likely, those skills to which he was referring were not the skills he learned handling a forklift truck back when he worked at Guinness. It may be hard to picture Qui Gon Jinn driving a forklift truck, but at least it was safer than taking on the dark lords of the galaxy!


James Cameron

While Steven Spielberg made the smash hit truck driver thriller, Duel, back in the early 70s, James Cameron did him one better. Cameron actually became a real, bone fide truck driver! According to rumors, Cameron would actually use his shifts moving goods across the US to pen the scripts he would eventually become famous for.


Elvis Presley

Hail to the king, baby! The one, the only, Elvis Presley actually drove a truck before he became an immortal musician and dancer. In point of fact, he was still working with the Crown Electric Service back in the 1950s when he got his big break at Sun Studios. Of course, not before some short sighted person told him to “stick to truck driving’!


Are There Any Others?

There are almost certainly other big name celebrities who used to be lorry drivers. After all, it’s a good job that allows for a lot of time to think and plan, whilst being trained. It gives you an appreciation of the open road, and lets you experience a number of situations and meet a number of people. That experience can certainly help people no matter where they end up in life. From war heroes to rock and roll legends, all sorts of people have found benefit in being lorry drivers.

Maybe it could help you, as well? After all, if it was good enough for them, then it could certainly be good enough for you!

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