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How To Improve Your Marketing Outreach

Outreach is important in every field and marketing is no different. Owners of websites are emailed multiple times per day with a marketer looking to place an advertisement on their website or a freelance writer trying to market their writing skills on the site. There are plenty of factors that play into outreach tactics as some people use social media while others stick to email. Different industries require different tactics so a pitch that works on one industry isn’t sure to work on another. The following are a few ways that you can improve your marketing outreach.

Improve Your Marketing Outreach1

A great tactic is to send a picture of your pet with your initial email. All you have to do is find a coupon on Groupon for Petsmart to find an outfit for your furry friend. Costumes sometimes get a better response depending on the time of year. Use your furry friend to get a response as all outreach professionals know that the first response is the most difficult to get.

Following up is a great way to increase your response rate. Many people especially at the end of the week seem to skip over an email as they could be looking forward to the weekend. There are different tools that can be used to automatically follow up if you haven’t received a response. Other tools like Tout actually show you when they open and what links they clicked in your email. These types of tools can help you improve headlines and email content that doesn’t convert into responses.

Improve Your Marketing Outreach

Finding the main point of contact at a business or website is going to take some digging. This will be worth it as many people do not respond to an email if they have been emailed in error. Asking the recipient to point you in the right direction can work but finding the email via LinkedIn or by reaching out via social media gives you the best chance for your email to convert into a response.

Outreach is something that you can develop skills in over the course of time. Testing out different approaches against each other will allow you to see what actually works better. Don’t be afraid to try new things to reach out as it could be your most successful approach yet.

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