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spike bolt caps for harley 1/4 inch socket head bolts.


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SPIKE Bolt Caps for Harley Davidson and Choppers. Fits all 1/4 inch round socket head bolts on primary covers, transmissions, pushrod covers, rocker covers, etc.

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SPIKE Bolt Caps for Harley Davidson


These decorative nickel plated all metal spike caps are a GREAT alternative to those plain plastic hot toppers to cover the ¼ inch allenhead bolts used on Harley primary crankcases, transmissions, cam housings, and any other place the round ¼ inch socket head bolts are used.  See other ads for spike caps for derby covers, inspection plates and push rod covers.






The heads on the spike bolt caps are ¾ of an inch at its base and stands on a 1/2 inch pedestal for an over height of 1 – ¼  inches. 


 Installation is as easy as just tapping them on over the ¼ inch allen head bolts.  .

 Note: Derby cover and inspection plate spikes require replacement bolts and are sold as separate kits.

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UPC Code: 111111111111

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